Kerameikos "The Potter's Quarter" is a mock website designed to bring independent potters from all over the country into one place.   
The best pottery I’ve found has all been on instagram, which is somewhat hard to keep track of when I want to go back and purchase it. I thought it would be nice to have a website for some of my favorites. The idea is that these individual artists would be able to get more traffic from search engines, since it can be somewhat difficult to find these smaller makers if you don’t know exactly what to type in to find them. 

The makers would promote this on their instagrams, have a link in their bios, and have marketed instagram posts. The artists would increase traffic and sales, buyers would be able to find sustainable and worthwhile pottery more easily on search engines.
These show the continuous scroll page format on iPhone without the mock up. 
This is the website without the mock up.
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