For the past eight years, I have been watching 30 Rock on repeat. 
It did not dawn on me to use this as my subject until much later, but truly, what better topic to choose for a project that I have to stare at for weeks on end? In addition to the GIFs, I have still samples, as well as a few I left unanimated. 

It is my humble opinion that 30 Rock is the greatest comedy to ever grace our cable screens. I hope I did some justice on these animations, for we desperately need more ways to communicate Liz Lemon style.

For this project, I hand drew each sketch, vectorized them in Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. To save them as GIF files, I imported them into Photoshop as MOVs. I could not have done this without the help of my wonderful and dedicated classmates and teacher. 

Please enjoy! 
A very common Liz Lemon exclamation.
The Masterpiece
A comfort to a sad friend when you don't know how to be expressive.
Just Jack Donaghy's big head
A quote from Liz Lemon after making her entire TV crew angry. 
Who says you can't dress like Princess Leia on your wedding day?
"Sabor de Soledad"... The Flavor of Sadness
A Tracy Jordan quote for encouragement. Take this, run with it, interpret it as you see fit.
A Tracy song fitting for any Halloween party! 
Another sad attempt to comfort an unwell friend. Who needs human contact when you have brooms?
The whole thing. We're done here.
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